Monday, July 29, 2013

Interesting Moment on the Trail

It's warm; it's dusty. All in all a reasonably good evening to hike. Down the trail I went with puffs of fine clay dust lifting up with each step. Around the bend past the 'waterfall' that is barely a trickle this time of year then up again along the new section of Palisades trail. As I cross the road I see cars parked at the entrance rather than at the trail head and a van with a young man and woman in it getting ready to leave. I am assuming that people are parking here rather than at the trail head because car break-ins are getting all-too-common these days around Spokane. As I cross the road and start up the next section of trail I see someone sitting in the middle of some tall weeds and grass surrounded by something. Well, while he is trying to get himself out of the way I said "You're fine." He had his motorcycle leaning against the bushes and he was sitting there drawing while smoking a cigarette. The young man, partially embarrassed I'm sure, said "I draw better in here." As I passed him I said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. I have my stuff with me as well." It was a rather awkward situation to be sure so I didn't stop to chat. If he was as shy as me about his drawing he might have felt uncomfortable sharing his work with a stranger anyway. I just hope he is careful with those cigarettes... it's a tinder box around here right now.

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