Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yesterday & Today

It was a weird weather week here in Spokaloo. First there was dense fog, then sun and then drizzling rain but no cold weather to speak of. It is the first week of February and we have had no snow for weeks and weeks. In fact our cold snap was in November before winter even arrived. This winter has been so mild that it really feels like spring. I have been sleeping with my windows open and sometimes driving with my windows down. I've been killing ants in the kitchen all week and even crushed a mosquito on the outside of my car already. Then there was the flock of Canadian Geese flying around in a circle because they were even confused. If we have summer instead of spring I wonder what summer will bring...Hades?

Yesterday it was sunny so I got out the bike and did about 10 miles on the Fishlake to Cheney paved railtrail. It was nice but the lake is still frozen over. There were several groups of walkers out enjoying the fine weather (it was near 50 out yesterday). I saw the kingfisher who lives along the trail. It felt really good to get back on the bike.

Today I just had to get out of Dodge so I went up to Mt. Spokane through the fog and went snowshoeing in the Sunshine! Very nice up there : ) I saw many moose tracks and saw a pair of bald eagles on the way home on the Mt. Spokane Road. I was trekking for 2 1/2 hours total. I turned around when I crested the ridge between Beauty and Kit Carson Peaks. It was much quicker on the way down! Great exercise along trails 100 and 110.